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Petenwell & Castle Rock Stewards


PACRS is a tax exempt, nonprofit organization that coordinates and facilitates a diverse group of people focused on improving the water quality and recreation on the Petenwell and Castle Rock lakes of the Wisconsin River.

About Us


The PACRS organized in 2007 to address water quality issues on the lakes in the Wisconsin River watershed.  Working together with citizen’s groups, municipalities, DNR, Wisconsin River Power Company and elected officials will make a positive change.  In order for this to take place, it is very necessary that trust and partnership be the cornerstone of any relationship.  Working together becomes the way, not the exception.  Trust and partnership play a significant role in our accomplishments and projects.


  • PARTICIPATE in a PACRS event.
  • PARTICIPATE in a PACRS event.
  • ATTEND a monthly PACRS meeting.
  • JOIN a committee, Board of Directors or simple become a member of PACRS.
  • INVITE the PACRS to present at your community or association meeting.
  • ENCOURAGE your homeowner’s or condo association to become a member of PACRS.
  • GIVE on our website at: PACRS.org/join-give/
  • FOLLOW US on facebook.com/PACRS or on instagram at PACR21


Peter Manley, Lake survey volunteer
Phone: 715 572 5462
Petenwell & Castle Rock Stewards
PACRS Petenwell And Castle Rock Stewards
1735 Archer Lane
Nekoosa, WI 54457

Other Partnerships

PACRS Partners:

  • County conservation departments to support farmers’ implementation of cover crops and no-till practices.
  • Legislators who funded the comprehensive water quality study (TMDL) of the Wisconsin River Basin.
  • DNR to improve water quality and fisheries.
  • UW Extension on workshops and educational programs.
  • Fishing clubs to stock fish in our lakes.
  • Farmer led groups within the Wisconsin River Basin.

Accomplishments listed at PACRS.org/what-we-do